• Aaark's Owners

    Aaark's Owners

    Ted (Center) and Titus (Right) Terranova

  • Aaark's Team

    Aaark's Team

    Since opening in 1984 with only (1) employee, Aaark has grown to currently include more than (20) employees

  • Aaark's Fleet of Company Vehicles

    Aaark's Fleet of Company Vehicles

    Since opening the business in 1984 with only (1) company vehicle, Aaark has grown to currently include nearly (20) company vehicles

  • Aaark's Modern Vehicles

    Aaark's Modern Vehicles

    Fully equipped with tools, parts and materials to provide prompt and high quality service on the spot

  • Aaark's Office in Arvada

    Aaark's Office in Arvada

    Open *Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (*Excluding Holidays)

Why Use Aaark?

We're Family Owned

Aaark is a family owned & operated business servicing the Greater Denver Metropolitan Area since 1984

We're Full Service

Aaark is a one-stop-shop company that specializes inALLhome improvement project needs

We're Professional

Aaark provides professional high quality workmanship and products at fair & competitive pricing

We're Always Available

Aaark offers 24/7 Emergency   Service

Need Service?

Call Aaark at 303-431-8015 Today


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